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How to update XAMPP (in 2021)
Anna Shilova | May 12, 2021

As a web developer, I spend a lot of my time in XAMPP. It took me a while to update my php from a 5 version to the latest 7 version. I decided to actually update the entire XAMPP instead of just the language library.
Follow along for a tutorial …

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Optimize your site for mobile in 2021
Anna Shilova | April 9, 2021

A mobile friendly site is must for small-business owners. Responsive design means that no matter how big or small the screen is – the site will fit the screen it appears on and present information in a clear, readable way. Mobile First No matter the screen size, design your site in mind – with mobile […]

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What makes a good mobile site?
Anna Shilova | April 8, 2021

As more and more website traffic moves to online, with over 5.33 mobile users worldwide, it’s crucial to have a mobile web strategy for your business or website.

After some user studies – it was discovered that mobile users are very

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