Website Design 2021: How to create ecommerce stores for growth

There are a few techniques that small business owners can use to create high performing ecommerce websites:

  • SaaS
  • Open Source
  • Headless commerce

SaaS is out of the box ecommerce store design – you can design a store with drag-and-drop in several hours. The trade-off is that there is limited customization.

An open source solution usually requires the handcraft, skill and time of a professional web developer, designer or engineer. You are creating everything from scratch – which allows more flexibility.

A headless commerce is a separation from the front end and the back end of the ecommerce application. A headless CMS does not care where the content gets displayed – and makes content accessible via RESTful API.

Any solution you decide on, here’s a short list to make sure you follow the include the following:

Mobile Responsive

A lot of traffic comes from mobile web. Do not lose your audience by not allowing users to make purchases, or start their purchases a mobile device. A responsive website allows greater flexibility and greater audience reach for your ecommerce store.

Unique customer experience

Identify your brand, polish it, and provide your audience a consistent experience on the web. This comes into a unique user experience with some of the following:

  1. Basic UI components with attractive and intuitive elements
  2. Website speed and performance – makes sure it can handle slower networks
  3. Create unique designs – from navigation, to call-to-action buttons, allow the design to be unique without losing it’s functionality

Easy-to-follow site navigation

Having a site map will help you create a better site navigation. Create header navigation menu with most important tasks, product category pages, searches, and footer with any sub menus.



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